What to Know About Car Insurance

Car insurance is insurance for automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and any other road vehicle. Its major purpose is to give financial safety against bodily injury or damage resulting from road accidents and from road-related incidents in a car. The main types of car insurance include general auto insurance, which covers the insured vehicle and its contents; car insurance, which provide protection for the insured vehicle as well as the insured driver and passengers; comprehensive car insurance which covers not only the vehicle but also the insured contents and some optional coverage like uninsured motorist; and collision insurance, which pay to repair the vehicle if it gets damaged by an accident. It also covers the medical expenses of the injured person.

gives protection

General auto insurance gives protection to a motorist or driver against third-party liability or property damage. It does not have coverage requirements for drivers, passengers, or any other individuals. It only has liability protection. Most states require drivers to have at least liability coverage in order to register.

car accidents and vandalism

Collision coverage pays to repair the car in case it gets damaged in road accidents or vandalism. In case of vandalism, the deductible may be paid from the policy owner’s own pocket. However, car accidents and vandalism may cause damage to the insured’s own vehicles, so the deductible, in this case, maybe compensated from the insurance payer’s pocket.


The third type of insurance is comprehensive coverage

This provides complete or partial cover for the losses suffered due to fire, theft, storm, explosion, vandalism, acts of nature, vandalism, and collision. If the damage sustained is the result of an act of nature, the insurer may compensate for the loss resulting from the incident. In case of damages caused by fire, the amount of damage repaired is dependent on the deductible provided under the policy.

fair range of premiums and deductible charges

Car Insurance has a fair range of premiums and deductible charges. The insurance premium varies based on a number of factors. The most important factors that influence the premiums are driving history, type of vehicle, location of the insured, age and sex of the insured, and the type of coverage selected. In case the insured is driving under the influence of alcohol, the insurance premium is increased.


Car Insurance has no legal status. It exists so as to protect against bodily liability or to reimburse the cost of repair for vehicles involved in an accident. There is no legal mandate that drivers carry insurance. The decision of whether or not to purchase coverage depends entirely upon the driver’s individual circumstances and the requirement of the state.

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