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What is Wind Energy?

Wind Energy or wind power as it is sometimes called is the utilization of wind to supply mechanical force to turn generators for electricity via wind generators.

sustainable energy resource

Wind energy is increasingly becoming a very popular environmentally friendly, sustainable energy resource that has a smaller impact on the environment than burning fossil fuels. How does wind energy work? The wind blows, thus there is energy in the wind. Wind energy converts this energy into mechanical energy that is used to turn generators. The mechanical energy can be stored and run across long distances in windmills.

wind turbine

To convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy, the wind turbine is connected to an electrical generator. The size of the wind turbine depends upon the amount of power required by the wind turbine for your particular location. Generally, the larger the wind turbine the more energy it produces.

produces energy

There are several factors that determine the number of wind resources and the ability of the wind resource to produce energy. Typically, the taller the trees, and the greater the wind resource, and the greater the wind speed, the larger the turbine needed to power a location. But the size of the turbine is determined by the number of transmission lines available to connect it to the local power grid or generator. These transmission lines are usually run throughout the county or state. The transmission lines and the wind resource determine the size of the wind turbine required to run your generator.

clean energy resource

Wind generators are the most commonly used type of clean energy resource. They have many advantages over other types of clean energy resources such as solar power generation, geothermal energy, and hydroelectric power generation. Wind turbines are more reliable than other clean energy resources. They also provide the most consistently reliable production of energy.

disadvantage of wind energy

As stated before, the biggest disadvantage of wind energy is that it can only be used in areas where there is consistently high wind speed. This means that the wind turbine can only be used in areas where the wind is actually moving. For example, this would be impossible for someone to use a wind turbine on their roof. It also makes wind power much more expensive to use because it requires transmission lines to connect the wind turbine to the power grid or the local generator. This means that the wind turbine has to be strategically located in a location where it will benefit from consistent winds.

major obstacle

There are many challenges ahead for the wind industry. However, the need for the wind turbine to be strategically placed is still a major obstacle to overcome. With further research and development of new materials, the cost of electricity will continue to drop. In the next decade, we will see how the wind industry affects the world economy and how wind energy affects our environment.

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