Ways to Compare Your Utility Bills

Three Ways to Compare Your Utility Bills

Utility costs are a major cost for all businesses in today’s economy. They account for over 50% of business operating expenses. Utility costs are not something that businesses can control however, it is essential to pay them. Utility Costs are one of the most misunderstood areas of business. Understanding what makes sense for paying these costs, and when, makes sense for a business to understand their bottom line.


Utility Billing: One of the hardest things for any business

whether they are service industry-based or just owning and operating a home business, is understanding how to properly bill for natural gas, electricity, phone, cable television, and even sewer and garbage collection. Most often this is done by having an installer come to your location, making invoices, receiving your bills, and making necessary adjustments to better meet your needs. There is a different method and a different utility bill format used in each different part of the country. For example, in Florida, the ” totals” are rounded to the nearest full dollar amount. This method causes unnecessary discrepancies, and can easily give an inaccurate bill. A third-party company that provides a utility billing service, such as Brinkmann, makes sense for businesses with a large number of bills.


Understanding the variations across different utilities

Because utility costs are affected by so many factors it is difficult for a business owner to accurately determine their utility costs by simply looking at their monthly gas and electricity bills. Each household uses different natural gas and electricity sources, and using these utility costs to compare to your other monthly bills can give a misleading picture of your actual usage. Often companies will offer a customized utility bill showing usage versus estimated usage for easier comparison.


Expatriate Planning

A great way to keep track of your utility costs is to create a utility plan. An expatriate planning manager is an individual, or business, that works with you to develop an accurate ” Utility Plan”. The utility plan details all of your expenses, giving you the ability to see exactly what you are spending each month on energy, gas, water, and other essentials. Expatriate management companies typically have access to all of the top rate utilities and pricing details and will allow you to view the numbers side by side to help you understand where your spending may be excessive compared to your estimated usage.


Using the calculator

Another common method for comparing your utilities is to use the online KitchenAid “KEGs” calculator. This online tool allows you to compare your current monthly bills to your projected monthly utility costs for the next year. This calculator can give you a good idea of what to expect for your monthly bills, and can also provide you with a convenient online calculator for any other utilities you may need. Some expatriate management companies may even offer their calculators or will be able to recommend the best ones based on your specific circumstances.


Expatriate living means having to make some hard choices

in regards to your daily lifestyle, but you can do so with confidence since you are taking care of your utility expenses. By shopping around, weighing your options, and consulting with experts, you can learn how to cut back or eliminate your utility bills. You should never have to pay more than you need to for your utilities, and you shouldn’t have to for the next year either. Expatriate management companies can help you through every step of the process, from negotiating new deals with your utility company to preparing a budget and even negotiating a new payment plan that gives you more flexibility. After all, even when you’re on an overseas adventure, you still have a right to live your life comfortably.

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