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Veterans Day Thanks You Cards For Active and Retired US Army

If you are a history buff, then you may well have been introduced to the US Army through movies, books, and television shows. For many years, this iconic force has been portrayed as the protectors of our democratic way of life. Often these brave women are depicted as fighting alongside men. However, it should be noted that thousands of female soldiers served alongside men throughout history.



television shows have begun to give a more realistic depiction of how these military members were viewed by the public at large. A popular television program, called “The Last Paradise” gives an accurate account of how some members of the military were not necessarily seen as heroes by the general public due to their contribution to defeating the Nazis during World War II. Although it shows that there was a level of intolerance towards female soldiers, it also portrays them in a positive light. This positive view of them should be used as a teaching tool for young people as they can begin to understand just how much the sacrifice of many of our brave women and men means to our nation.


Another television program, “In Her Time”,

gives a detailed account of the personal experiences of several women, including their sacrifices, how they came to join the military, and ultimately, how they have coped with the transition into motherhood. With a variety of ages and backgrounds, this production is a great example of how the general public can learn to appreciate the sacrifices that our armed forces made during such times to protect our democratic way of life. Although most of these episodes are fictional, the stories can provide a platform for anyone to learn more about serving our country. We need to appreciate all of the dedicated individuals who serve in all branches of the armed services.


The US Army

has been an inspiration to many as they strive to uphold the freedoms we cherish every day. There are numerous films about the American army and the sacrifices they make for us. The movie “American Sniper” which was recently released in theaters has generated a lot of controversy and debate because of its portrayal of the US Army. However, seeing as how the film depicts the US military in a bad light, it would be easy to see how many people can sympathize with the soldiers and the mission they perform every day.


Whenever there are opportunities

to show our appreciation for the US military, one opportunity comes every day at the end of the day. It is important to note that this does not mean that we do not want our military personnel to be awarded for their services or that we do not appreciate their dedication. It is simply the recognition of the fact that the United States Army is an inspiration to so many and we owe it to them to show our appreciation for everything they do.


Being a former soldier myself,

I have personally decided to be part of this appreciation process. If you are a retired or active duty US army veteran, I urge you to look into getting involved in this program. It is free and you never know when it will save your life! You can help other veterans by becoming a volunteer. This can also be a great way to get involved in community projects and help others who are currently serving your country.

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