Treating Premature Ejaculation – What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

premature ejaculation

The most common symptom of premature ejaculation is the failure to delay ejaculating for more than a minute after sexual penetration. But the trouble may also occur in all normal sexual encounters, even when masturbation is involved. Usually, acquired (tertiary) premature ejaculation only develops after you have had previous sexual encounters without any sexual problems. The first sign usually occurs during or just after a period of courtship and sexual anticipation. The partner wants you to engage in intercourse, but is unable to control your orgasm long enough to perform sexually.


This is known as the squeeze method. It has been demonstrated that, by employing a combination of pelvic and psychological pressure, a man can force his ejaculatory response to be delayed to the extent that it will not require any sexual stimulation to be achieved. Of course, the longer the squeeze method is used before actual penetration, the shorter the time of total erection will be, and this will depend on the degree of sexual dysfunction. Achieving this kind of azouremic delay may not be possible with the usual methods of premature ejaculation therapy recommended by doctors and therapists.

For instance, when you are masturbating, you can set time limits as to how long you will last. You can also employ an exercise that will stop you from ejaculating until you have reached a certain point, such as one minute or so. You should be aware however, that the squeeze technique is just that: a technique. It has not been proved to be an absolutely effective way to stop premature ejaculation, and, although many men who try it do get some temporary relief, the condition returns after several days.


Another approach used to treat this condition is called the “relationship therapy.” It has to do with relieving the stress related to sexual encounters caused by issues in the relationship such as stress, anger, guilt or jealousy. By relieving the stress, you can allow your body to return to a more natural state of erectile dysfunction and thereby prevent premature ejaculation.

If, on the other hand, your problem has to do with low libido, you can try different sexual dysfunction herbs such as muira puama extract, tongkat Ali plant, and ashwagandha (Indian ginseng) root. These herbal extracts have been found to promote testosterone production, a hormone that is essential for male sexual dysfunction. By allowing your body to increase the production of testosterone it can improve your libido. Many males taking these herbs report that they experience a significant reduction in their premature ejaculation, a phenomenon that is caused by the lack of testosterone in their bodies. Some even say that their erections improve and that they are able to last longer during their sexual encounters.


For males, who may take the traditional approach to treating erectile dysfunction, these products may be useful. But if your problem is caused by hormonal levels, then these products may not be of much use to you. Natural treatments that help to lower stress, anxiety or frustration are more likely to be of any benefit to men. They not only treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, but can address the underlying cause of the problem and help to bring back testosterone levels to normal.

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