Tips For Effective Corporate Gifting

What exactly is corporate gifting? How do you set about it? And what exactly are the essentials of corporate gifts? These are the basics of corporate gifts.



is a customized way of saying ‘thank you to anyone who has assisted in one way, shape or form. Corporate gifting is not restricted to a particular segment of society or industry – anyone who helps or contributes is celebrated. Businesses make gifting very easy by designing customized gifts for their clients and employees. Gifting is a customized method of saying ‘thank you.


The principle of corporate gifting

is to thank employees or partners for a job well done, a product well designed, a loyalty or subscription to a newsletter or mailing list, an endorsement of products/services, etc. A corporate gifting program is only as good as the effort put into it. It is important to note that employees do not like to receive office supplies or other types of personalized items in the middle of the week, so if this is possible the better. A nice gesture can go a long way. At a minimum, ensure that the office supply items are well branded, in the company colors, and with the company logo on the label. This way, employees know they will be appreciated!


Choose an appropriate gift

that speaks to the recipients’ character and interests. Do not gift something boring or mundane as most people cannot resist these types of gifts. Instead, think about the interests, personality traits, lifestyle, and taste of the recipient. Corporate gifting programs generally help to improve a company’s image, so it is important to choose the gift wisely.


Most people enjoy receiving free things

but this could be somewhat challenging in the case of corporate gifting. For one thing, some employees may feel that these gifts come too easily. If a company does not offer a regular gift scheme, corporate gifting can be a bit more difficult. If there is not a regular gifting scheme at the organization, what can be given as corporate gifts? Some companies have decided to go ‘green’, so items that can be used or recycled are the best choices.


The recipient should always get an idea

of how many items are needed by the business in question, before any gift-giving plan is put into place. By doing so, the manager can allocate resources efficiently. Another consideration is the budget: corporate gifting programs are usually quite a bit larger than the individual budgets of most recipients. Always remember that the goal is to give, and never to receive!

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