Throwing a Bachelorette Party, Friends and Family, Check Out the Following Ideas!

A bachelor party, also called a stag party, stag do, bachelor-ette or bachelor party is a wild party held for someone who’s soon to get married. The bachelor party can be a huge blast and very fun. It usually lasts for a week or more, though sometimes it may last longer. Some people say that bachelor parties are meant to be a one-night stand, others say they’re meant to be wild weekends of debauchery, booze and sex. It depends on you! If you’re a single young man then this article will give you information on planning a fantastic stag night.



The best way to start any party is by making the decision of what type of event you want it to be. Whether it’s a buck’s party or a pre-wedding celebration, that decision will define the theme, food, entertainment, and safety aspects of your party. Bachelor’s party usually starts with a night of betting and drinking at a pub. Then the night ends with a trip to a strip club (or a gentlemen’s club, if the boys are on a real bachelorette party.)


There is one sport in my country that is virtually a rite of passage for young men: the “Buck’s Party.” It actually means the guy goes out with a group of other guys to a buddies bar, where they all shoot pool, eat cheap food, drink beer, smoke cigarettes, and talk about anything under the sun. I guess it depends on how much class and brooding you’re trying to achieve. Sometimes a simple game of lawn bowls is just not enough.

But no matter how many friends you bring, a private dining room is always the best option. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish, it lets everyone hang out together, and it is also the perfect setting for throwing a Bachelorette party or any kind of bachelor party that your mates really want to make into a spectacular event. If you don’t have the money for a great private dining room, try renting one at a restaurant that doubles as a sports bar or entertainment spot. They aren’t usually that expensive, and they allow you to cater for as many guests as you like.


Another popular option for a Bachelorette party (especially for those heading out of town on a short drive) is going out to a local go-karting track. These tracks usually have a pit area for karting (with paddles) and a paved racing surface for driving on. If you have the time and the space, go out and compete in a go-karting event the night before your wedding. You’ll probably be surprised at just how good it feels to be out on the racetrack as a couple. And after the big day, you can stay in the race car home while everyone goes home to enjoy yourselves.

There are a lot of other things you can do to really kick up your pre wedding party planning. Use the ideas above as your jumping off point and use them as starting points for planning other bucks parties you can throw in the months leading up to your wedding. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even turn them into a full time business!

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