the uses for Foil Stamping

Great Uses for Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is an old and well-known technique. For centuries, the technique has been used to decorate a package with raised foam imprints. Some stampings have images or designs printed on one side, while some have them printed on both sides. Most people think of this as a single side printing, but it’s not. It’s also known as double-sided printing.


Foil stamping is done with a hot stamp pad

which comes in various shapes depending on your requirements. Package with hot stamping usually before (left), and after (right) hot stamping with the foil afterward. Most people think of this as a single-sided printing method, but it’s not. It’s also known as a double-sided printing method because most often, the images or design printed on one side has a texture as well.


The technique of foil stamping has become extremely popular

over the years for a variety of uses. Foil stamping can be commonly used as an adhesive for stickers, labels, or letterheads. There are different methods of doing this, depending on how you would like to use it. The most commonly used one today is called embossing. Embossing is done by stamping a design or artwork on the flat front side of the foil. This is done by pressing the stamp directly onto the substrate.


Foil stamping has a variety of uses

and is widely used around the world. Its most common use is in the manufacturing of packaging material, like packages and bags. Because foiling is done using a hot pad, it’s a great way to seal the package for extra protection and ease of handling. You can also use the foiling method to create a frosted look for your labels. Another great way to use foil printing is in wrapping gift wraps.


Foil stamping comes in various colors.

There are metallic shades available as well. The most common metallic color is white, which looks great for packaging and as inserts for CDs. White die-cutting is the most commonly used metal stamp for foil stamping. However, other metals like aluminum and nickel can also be used.


Using heat to emboss, gloss, matte, or holographic a substrate

is known as thermal stamping. The heat is applied using a special type of applicator pad. The pad is designed in such a way that it presses the substrate using a gentle circular motion. When finished, the result is a foil-like metallic foil with a raised pattern.

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