The Importance Of Knowing Our Earth’s Secrets

Exploring Renewable Energy – The Importance Of Knowing Our Earth’s Secrets

World energy resources are the maximum potential for energy production currently available on the Earth. They are categorized into non-renewable and renewable energy. Non-renewable resources are those that we need to get rid of; they include carbon dioxide, water, etc. On the other hand, renewable resources are those that we can replenish; they include air, water, light, heat, and some minerals. It is a misconception that renewable energy will someday replace non-renewable resources, this is not going to happen.


There are many natural energy resources

that our planet is made of. Some of these are geothermal, hydroelectric, geothermal energy, and the use of biomass in place of fossil fuels. All of these are geologic fuels that came from beneath the earth’s surface and are utilized for energy purposes. The geologic fuels are usually recovered from very old layers of rocks and these fuels do not deplete in quantity or quality very quickly.


These geologic resources can easily be tapped

if more people become interested in exploring them. But what about those that are not currently accessible or are still being explored? This is an important question to ask since these energy resources may play a bigger role in the future than those that we already know. How would exploration of these types of energy resources affect the world?


One of the biggest advantages of using renewable resources

like geothermal and solar is that they can replenish themselves. Just because a resource is non-renewable doesn’t mean that it cannot be used again. Photosynthesis is a process in plants that uses sunlight to produce food which in return produces oxygen that is vital to sustaining life. Any food source that can be renewed is considered to be a renewable fuel.


Using renewable fuels

like solar and wind power can greatly decrease our dependence on non-renewable fuels. With less need for oil and gas, we can help save our planet and prevent climate change. How would eliminating our need for non-renewable fuels benefit me? Well, you will probably see an increase in your household income once you no longer need to buy gasoline and you’ll also be able to lower your energy bills.


In conclusion, exploring and harnessing renewable sources of energy

like solar energy, wind energy, and geothermal energy are crucial to saving our planet. If everyone knew how much we are dependent on non-renewable resources now, wouldn’t we try and find ways to make our lives easier and less dependent on these non-renewable resources? Thanks to the earth for giving us all of the earth’s natural riches, but now we must work to preserve and make them available for future generations.

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