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The History of the USA Flag

The USA flag is the most popular national symbol used by Americans. It is said that the union of the flag and stripes originated from the revolution by the Continental Congress under the leadership of John Adams. Since its beginning, it has been one of the most prominent symbols representing the nation. The design of this flag is a simple one with blue as its primary color on white background. However, there have been many changes to the design of the US flag over time, particularly after the Civil War.


There are many theories regarding the origin of the USA flag.

One of them is that it was created after the “coat of arms” of the United States was officially declared as the official seal of the government. Another theory is that the flag was created to honor the memory of General George Washington who is considered to be the first US President. Another version of history says that the idea for the design of the flag came about when the Continental Congressmen discussed the meaning of the US flag. The members thought that it should contain the name of each state, which would make it easier for people to identify which state they were in during the official proceedings. They further thought that the colors blue and white should be used to represent the North and South American continents.


The US flag that we all know today contains over 200 different colors.

However, not all of these states’ colors can be derived from the initial colors given by the Continental Congress. The actual states that we know of now use red as their official color but that was not the color that the states voted for. To get the needed numbers of blue and white in the US flag, the states used the stars that are associated with those colors. The current US flag also contains a blue rectangle to represent the union between the states.


The original US flag was created using blue as its main color and white as the background.

On July 4th, 1775, this was changed when the Continental Congress voted to change the background color to red. At first, most people thought that this was done to commemorate the soldiers who had been killed in the American revolution but that was not the reason for the change. Instead, the new flag was designed to be able to be read from a distance.


The red and blue colors are representative of the blood of those who died in the American revolution.

The red stripes symbolize liberty and freedom as well. In June of 1777, the first US coins were created from this new currency. Since the coins were copper pennies, they have always been a valuable piece of American history. There is a popular American saying that the US dollar is ‘greenback’. This originates from the fact that back in 17 77, Congress printed bills using greenbacks.


Today, you will find that the original design of the United States flag has never changed.

The thirteen stripes are representative of all the states in the union. As a result, if you compare the official flags of many countries, you will notice that the US flag has thirteen horizontal stripes and ten vertical stripes. While it may not seem like much, these thirteen stripes represent every state in the union. The thirteen stripes that make up the US flag represent every state in the united states and are the basis for a great American tradition.

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