Outdoors Furniture Materials – What is the Best?


Outdoors, there are literally thousands of different outdoor material choices. Some materials resist wear better than others and are more expensive. You need to consider your budget, type of use (i.e., is it for an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor dining area) and personal preferences before purchasing any outdoor material. When selecting outdoor furnishings one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the material the item is made from.


Those living in regions with lots of rain will want to seek out outdoor furniture which withstands heavy inclement weather. A cast iron patio set works best if set under an umbrella or canopy, since metal patio furniture tends to be uncomfortable when it gets hot under the sun. Cast aluminum patio sets and woven outdoor furniture materials work well on lawns and hot spots. Each type of material requires different care, so be sure to research the best material for you.

If you are considering using wood outdoor furniture, one of the biggest concerns about using wood is that it can absorb moisture. In severe weather conditions, it’s not uncommon for wood furniture to soak up large amounts of water. Wood patio furniture made from cedar or redwood would be the best choice if you live in an area where you expect to occasionally have rain. Other excellent wood patio furniture choices are teak and cypress.


The best way to protect your outdoor patio sets is by choosing pieces made from mildew-resistant materials. Mildew is caused by fungi growing on dead plant material. These organisms are attracted to organic materials such as fallen leaves and branches, decaying wood, and leaves from the ground, and eventually forming mold. Molded wood, even when left alone, will eventually start to form a thick layer over the surface of the wood, which inhibits moisture absorption. Some types of mildew resistant wood that are available include redwood, cedar, and cypress.

Once you’ve chosen the best materials for your patio set, you’ll want to pay special attention to the construction. Outdoor furniture consists of many individual parts that are connected together with hinges and mounting hardware. Every part of the set is susceptible to wear and tear under various weather conditions, so you want the hardware and parts to be extremely durable. Weather-resistant materials are used for the majority of hardware because they can withstand rain, wind, snow, hail, UV rays, and extreme temperature changes. Because of this resistance, rain and other elements don’t affect the durability of your outdoor furniture. Metal and wood pieces are also very durable, but plastic and composite materials aren’t.


If you want to add a little sophistication to your backyard, consider investing in an out-of-doors furniture umbrella to protect your table and chairs from the sun and rain. These umbrellas are extremely durable and waterproof, which makes them ideal for entertaining or dining outdoors. By choosing furniture with the right kind of protective features, you can rest easy knowing your furniture is protected from damage and moisture.

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