Journal Finders – How to Pick Your First Journal

The general function of a journal

A Journal of Practice is a journal that you keep private and shares only with your immediate circle of friends, family members, colleagues and health care professionals. A Journal of Personal Growth is one type of journal. A journal is used to record personal best practices, successes, setbacks, successes, etc. The general function of a journal is to provide an ongoing reflection of your experience and knowledge of wellness.

Create a List of Journal Tips. It’s important to obtain fairly comprehensive information about the different available journals in the same subject area. Consulting your own peer group, searching through journal listings, and contacting professional organizations can aid you obtain a complete list of journals.

Some tips in choosing a journal may include:

* A Journal of Sport is a journal published by a sports medicine journal that focuses on sports medicine, rehabilitation and physical therapy. * A Journal of Public Health is a general periodical which publishes issues related to public health. * A Nursing Letter is a letter published by a registered nurse to provide information to nursing students, doctors and other concerned individuals on topics of nursing interest.

* You may need a journal of record for a specific purpose such as a dissertation or case study. * Many self-publishing companies publish Open Source journals which are made available to the public free of charge. You might find such companies through “pay per download” services. * In some academic circles, a journal can be referred to as a scholarly publishing house.

* Before publishing a journal, consider how much time will be devoted to the peer review process and schedule. * A journal is not designed to make money. A journal’s goal is to provide informative, beneficial articles to help readers learn new information. The best way to get started is to start with one article published in a journal and then turn the volume around every two months or so with another round of articles published in the same journal. This rotation ensures there is a constant rotation of peer review process and will give you continuity.

To ensure your journal’s success

Spend considerable time and attention to the title and abstracts. Titles and abstracts are critical because they establish the focus of the journal. A good title or abstract begins with a keyword and then describes the work in a few words. It should be short and simple. Use open access policies when choosing the journal’s editor and publisher and make sure the journal finder you choose provides open access to all articles.

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