How to Enhance Your Vocal Range

Singing is a wonderful gift

However many individuals still misunderstand it and believe that they can’t learn to sing. In general, individuals believe that being pitch perfect or a wide vocal spectrum is something that you’re born with. Beautiful sounding tunes, exceptional vocal tone and powerful vocal muscles are never something that you’re born with either. If this is the case, then we can assume that there are other factors that contribute to your ability to produce high quality music. You must be aware of what these other factors are and take advantage of them if you truly wish to learn to sing well.

The most important muscle that you should work with when you wish to develop a fantastic singing voice is the chest. When singing, it’s essential that your vocal chords and the muscle in your chest remain in constant tension. To help achieve this, it is important to ensure that each time that you breathe in, push your diaphragm out and hold for at least three seconds. You should ensure that your chest remains opened while you breath in, therefore ensuring that the air travels all the way through your body and out of your lungs. As you continue to breathe in, hold your diaphragm in and repeat this process until you feel that you’ve reached your full capacity.

A good singer needs to be aware of exactly how their body is positioned throughout the performance

Another area of importance when you wish to develop a fantastic singing voice is your breathing techniques. The correct way to breathe when singing is to inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. This may seem incredibly obvious, however, it’s one of those things that a lot of people forget to do. It is extremely important to ensure that you incorporate singing into your daily routine, by undertaking regular vocal warm-ups and exercises.

For example, if they are singing very loud, their lungs will most likely be filled with air, this is known as being ‘breathless’. For a singer, this means that they will struggle to produce enough sound from their diaphragm. Vocal warm-ups are a great way to remedy this, as they allow you to increase the amount of oxygen that is present in your body, improving your ability to produce a deeper voice.

a good posture is essential if you wish to reach the highest notes

Your posture can have a huge impact upon the quality of your voice, which is often why many singers struggle with singing high notes in the beginning. To reach the high notes, you need to stand tall and keep your shoulders squared with the ground. By keeping your shoulders squared with the ground, it ensures that you will be singing from your diaphragm and not from your stomach, which is what many singers tend to struggle with during singing sessions.

Now that you understand some of the key components of your singing voice, it is important that you learn to manage these components so that you do not get out of control. Singing is about being comfortable and having a natural flow to your vocal range. If you find that you are straining to reach the high notes or singing in a foreign language, it is important to remember that the problem could be with your technique and breathing. It is also vital that you do not overuse your voice. Once you start to strain or exhaust your voice, your performance suffers. By learning your vocal range and staying within the comfort zone, you will progress quickly and effortlessly into a stronger voice.

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