How To Choose Prescription Eyeglasses

Tips On How To Choose Prescription Eyeglasses

Eye Glasses, also called spectacles or nearsighted glasses, are visual optical devices, usually made from hard plastic or glass lenses mounted on a thick, curved frame that holds them above a person’s eyes, usually using a single bridge above the nose. They have magnified lenses through a very thin layer of gas called gas permeable, or gas permeable prescription lenses, which allows light from the world around to enter into a person’s eye, via the pupil. The amount of light allowed to enter determines the clarity of vision. Thus, nearsighted or farsighted eyeglass wearers need more light to see than those who have normal vision.


There are two general types of eyeglasses

bifocal and multifocal. Bifocal eyeglasses use separate pairs of lenses for reading and viewing purposes; they are designed to be worn either together or separately. On the other hand, multifocal eyeglass designs can contain two or more pairs of corrective lenses. Usually, these are used by people with presbyopia. Presbyopia, a condition that causes eye-wear retardation, makes it difficult for them to read the small print; moreover, they require more eye movements than those with bifocal lenses.


There are basically three common types of eyeglasses

conventional (conventional glasses), half-eye or binocular (conventional and half-eye glasses), and progressive (regressive eyeglasses). Conventional glasses are convenient for people who only need minimal eye correction. Half-eye and binocular eyeglass designs are good for people who need moderate correction, as they allow for lower reading stone (myopia or hyperopia) and high contrast. Progressive eyeglasses, a kind of advanced style, provide higher reading stone effects (myopia or hyperopia) plus an overall increase in eye-wide vision quality.


When it comes to buying new eyeglasses

you have a couple of different options you can go to your eye doctor, who most likely will provide you with a pair of specially made eyeglasses, or you can choose to buy online. If you opt to buy online, you can find plenty of great deals on affordable eyeglasses. There are literally dozens of retailers online that specialize in contact lenses, including some that sell designer styles like those found in boutiques and top-brand optometrist stores. In addition to buying glasses online, many people opt to wear eyeglasses whenever they leave the house, which can make wearing glasses easy and comfortable.


However, the decision to wear corrective lenses is an individual one

A person’s size, shape, eye color, lifestyle, etc. all affect how corrective lenses should be sized. It is best to consult an eye care professional (ophthalmologist) who can help you determine the correct sizes and prescriptions for your individual needs.


If you are looking to purchase prescription eyeglasses online

you’ll need to know the shape of your face. Corrective lens manufacturers make differently shaped lenses to address each individual’s eye shape and size. For example, oval-shaped eyes need round spectacles or sunglasses, while those that are long and slender need a square or teardrop spectacles. Furthermore, there are also contour lens shapes that allow the wearer’s temples to Nestle in and out of the shade of the lens. These shapes are commonly referred to as Triangular, Roundels, or Halogenated.

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