Etiquette and Good Manners Is Not Separate

Good Etiquette or Appropriate Etiquette

Is practiced by a person in a polite and respectful way. It may be expressed by a simple thing such as wearing a suit or even a tie. This kind of etiquette reflects your position as well as your social status. Etiquette generally means that a person follows the rules and traditions that are related to the kind of behavior he wants to exhibit.

Etiquette has evolved through the years into the complex set of codes, which have to do with the way people interact with each other in the society. Etiquette is a branch of language and it is spoken rules that we follow in a polite manner when engaging in a social situation. Etiquette was developed by people such as Jean Sibelius, Victor Hugo, Thomas Jefferson and others. Etiquette has a particular place in our lives and some of the examples given below are a good introduction to this branch of modern etiquette.

Etiquette has a particular place in our lives

Good Etiquette – A clear example of good etiquette is treating people with respect. Another very important aspect of good etiquette is to have manners and a polite attitude. Etiquette primarily aims at helping us to be considerate and to develop the proper qualities of social etiquette.

One of the most important aspects of good etiquette is to always make eye contact. Eye contact establishes trust and credibility. It also establishes that you are conscious about what the other person’s reaction is. When we are strangers in the society, this gesture will say that we are friendly and are trustworthy. Sometimes it is difficult to maintain good etiquette at first but with practice it becomes easier and then you will get used to it and carry it out when necessary.

Good Etiquette and Good Manners are inseparable

If you are looking for the basics of proper etiquette in a restaurant, then you can start by paying attention to how the waiters are serving you. See if they are using proper etiquette like keeping their napkin handy and not on the table. Or you can ask them where the dish was served and ask if they use table manners. Etiquette is more than just observing proper etiquette. It is actually an art that we can learn from each other.

If you want to develop good etiquette and manners you should practice it regularly. You can also search for some videos online or magazines to help you in your pursuit for good etiquette. If you do not have the time to attend formal dinner classes then you can purchase some e-books on good etiquette and maintain good manners at home or at work. Practice makes perfect, so once you start practicing good etiquette you will not be able to stop doing it.

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