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Canna flower – Cultured High-Quality Medical Marijuana Strains

The flower and seed blends that comprise a substantial percentage of the market for “herbal” supplements can be split into two main categories based on their mode of action. There are what I call the “hand-trimmed” strains, which include such favorites as Lavender Rejuvenator, Lemon Balm Rejuvenator, and Peppermint Headache, all of which contain little or no known medicinal benefits, other than the pleasant aroma they provide. Many medical practitioners caution against the use of these types of products, advising instead that they should be used in combination with a natural remedy with proven results.


The second main category is made up of the so-called “pre-rolls” or “flip-seed” strains.

While some are beneficial in certain conditions, most seem to be little more than fancy scams aimed at selling high-priced bulk products. These include the likes of Grape Seed Oil and Hops Strain, both of which lack documented health benefits and appear to be nothing more than lucrative scams. Unfortunately, many people fall for the slick marketing ploys that are prevalent in many popular venues and fall for the hype surrounding the pre-roll and flip-seed strains of nutritional supplements sold in health food stores. As with the pre-roll and flip-seed scams, the fliers assert that by taking their extract; the user will experience heightened energy, improved mood, and an overall sense of wellbeing. However, those looking to capitalize on the hype and convince their readers that they’re experiencing the benefits they’re promising will often leave out one very important piece of information…


Most of the available scientific research concerning

the benefits of these hemp flower strains are rather unsophisticated. For example, most have found that the common beta-carotene found in these hemp flower strains tends to have little effect on weight loss, to the amount of weight loss experience may vary from person to person. Other studies have shown that while beta-carotene does provide some improvements in eyesight, memory, and other cognitive functions; there is no clear consensus regarding the impact it has on overall health and disease resistance. Since these claims are unproven, there is little to no reason to invest in a product that contains them. Even if the supplement does prove to aid in weight loss or disease resistance, the flavor profile of the product itself will likely be diminished if not outright dismissed.


The final scientific study

comparing the diverse cannabis flower strains concluded that overall health, mental well-being, and overall life functioning were better observed in those who consumed the higher percentage of CBD flower strains. Those who consumed the highest amount of CBD reported having less mood and anxiety problems, reported having more energy and fewer sleep difficulties and enjoyed a much greater sense of well-being. It seems that those who consumed the highest amounts of CBD experienced less joint pain, had less pain and swelling around the joints, and reported having more appetite. Though other results did not survive statistical scrutiny, these studies do support an overall benefit to those seeking to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of CBD.


There are currently no significant trials

comparing CBD with other hand-trimmed and/or organic blends. However, we believe that the benefits of using CBD are at least as strong for strains that do not contain CBD. Further testing is needed to determine if canna flower or other hand-trimmed cannabis flower strains should be offered over that which does contain this chemical. We recommend that anyone interested in trying this new alternative medicine should become familiar with the testing transparency of the cannabis flower strains themselves.

With testing transparency becoming a strong factor in the selection of a healthy choice,

there are currently three major brands of premium cannabis flower strains available. On top of being grown in America, the highest quality offerings come from Colorado. Canna flower a high CBD variety is harvested from old-growth beds in the Rocky Mountains and then processed for potency and quality control. No additional genetically manipulated crops have been introduced to this crop as the selection process is not considered necessary.

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