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5 Easy Tips For Handling Your New Born Baby

New born babies usually come with so many cute expressions on their face, that it is sometimes hard to take them seriously. Sometimes, they even look silly running around. But soon enough, the father will notice if his newborn is crying or not. So, there are some good tips for parents to follow when they see their new born not doing the usual things.


The first tip is that, the newborn needs to be fed frequently, even if he does not cry at all. When a baby does not have food at hand, he does not know that hunger is bad. And crying when hungry could just get him into trouble. He might get into trouble by trying to eat something that is not meant for him.

Second, let your new born enjoy the milk. Let him drink milk regularly and do not put anything in his bottle that has any medicines in it. Medicines like acetaminophen or aspirin, that cause diarrhea when taken too often, should be avoided. And, when giving him milk, make sure that you use lukewarm water, as cold water can cause stomach upset.


Third, when you see him not sleeping well, do not give him any toys for a while. Giving him toys can make him restless, and give him the wrong direction to sleep in. A pillow or stuffed animal should be used as they give him comfort and support. When he does not sleep well, you can take him outside to the backyard. But do not leave him alone there. Take him with you to the nursery, where his mother can tend to him, and give him milk.

Fourth, when he is crying and kicking, do not punish him. A baby who is not being disciplined, tends to act up when he wants to pee or potty. A disciplined baby listens to what you say and follows your instructions. Discipline your baby, so that he is dependable and safe. Your baby will definitely thank you later.

Need To Know

Fifth, it is important for a new born to get lots of comfort and love. You can create a special place for him in your home. You can even create an area for him in your office. You can also find many crib sets in the market. You can go for pink cribs if your baby is a girl, or blue cribs if your baby is a boy. Select the perfect color and design for him.

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