How to Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction

erectile disfuntion

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a common health concern among men. However, it is a cause of much anxiety and embarrassment for men. It may have several underlying causes like excessive stress, neurological disorders, depression, side effects of medicines etc. Men usually search the possible treatments for erectile dysfunction and try out various methods to overcome this condition. In fact, there are a wide spectrum of medicines available for erectile problems but it all depends on your medical condition and requirement.


Medicines like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis are commonly prescribed by doctors. Viagra is the first commonly prescribed medication as it can provide quick results. It is used for treating the most common problem of impotency. The positive results of Viagra make it very popular among male patients.

Another important medicine that can help a man in overcoming this condition is called Cialis. This medicine treats the problem of ED in the best possible way. It works by increasing blood flow into the penile area. This increased flow helps in bringing about harder erections. Cialis is very popular among young men as it is not very expensive compared to Viagra.

Levitra is another medicine that provides treatment for erectile dysfunction. Levitra is also a very popular medicine amongst middle-aged males. It is a powerful drug that provides quick results. If you have been suffering with this condition for quite some time, you should opt for this type of medicine.


If your problem is serious and needs urgent medical attention, you can opt for surgery. This surgical method should only be taken when the other medicines and treatments are not working for you. However, the procedure is very costly and carries several risks.

It is always advisable to opt for natural solutions over medical procedures. A lot of people prefer natural solutions for treating erectile dysfunction. Some of the natural remedies for erectile problems include yoga, acupuncture and other home made remedies. It is always better to take expert opinion of a medical practitioner before opting for any particular medicine.

A natural treatment option for erectile dysfunction may work faster than the medicines. It has lesser or no side effects. It is cheaper than other options and provides quick results too. You may not experience the problem again for a long time.


The first step that you must take if you have been suffering with erectile dysfunction for quite sometime is to check out whether there is an underlying medical problem. If you feel that there is, you may need to undergo a medical examination. There may be diseases like diabetes and blood pressure issues that could be the cause of your problem. These can be rectified through medical procedures.

Herbal pills are also an effective option for erectile dysfunctions. Some of the herbs in these herbal pills are Cayenne, green chili peppers, cloves and many more. They help in improving circulation and promoting the proper functioning of the endocrine system and the nervous system. If you are serious about treating your erectile dysfunction once and for all, try out these herbal pills.

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