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4 Critical Factors of Successful Small Business Websites

Having a well-designed, professionally written business website is very important for just about every new online business. A poorly written website will not only cost you money and time while offering little, if any benefit, to the people who visit it. You must decide before you get started with constructing your first online business site, exactly what you intend it to do. If you’ve already decided on that, then your job becomes much simpler.



you will have to decide which design elements will best express your message. After all, the layout of your website, as well as the design of its pages and contact information, is what will initially attract visitors. So, once you’ve got your desired layout and address, you can concentrate on other important components such as choosing the right keywords or building a strong emailing list. You can also include a provision for memberships on your business website.


The third thing

to consider when deciding which design elements will best describe your business is the content of each page. It’s a good idea to put a copy of your website’s home page front and center. For people who arrive at your site through search engines or from referrals, this can be a great example of what they will see. If they find no contact information, a link to a page where they can contact you is an ideal way to start. Also, listing a list of your products or services on the home page will encourage visitors to explore further. You should also add a section for testimonials, a great example of which would be a section where visitors can leave their testimonials for other visitors.


One thing

that you should always have on your home page is a link to your contact page. This is an excellent way to draw new visitors and encourage them to leave comments. On your contact page, you might want to provide a space where visitors can leave their names and email addresses so that you can send out information about new products or services that you are offering. This space should be labeled accordingly as well, with all the relevant information listed in the order that they are most important.


The fourth most critical factor

in a successful small business website design is relevancy. Search engines will penalize your site if it has pages that are irrelevant to the keyword search phrases that users have entered. Search results are always user experience and this is a major reason why most search engines make changes to their algorithms regularly.


With these four critical factors in mind,

a small business website can be created that is both highly functional and highly effective for the visitor. The contact page is critical because it allows visitors to leave their name and email address so that you can follow up with them. By doing this, you are building a relationship with potential customers, and as the relationship grows, your customer base will grow as well. Eventually, the website will be ranked highly in the search engines and traffic will come easily.

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